“…The hair washing was so relaxing, normally I become very tense because I had a horrible experience a few years back and i’ve carried the fear of getting up from the chair soaking wet. However, she offered up a head massage that almost made me forget where I was. Annabel also blew out my hair, and when it was all done I didn’t recognize my hair! It was as if they had replaced it with someone else’s healthy, shiny hair….”

-Tiffany C. on Yelp
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…I keep seeing ‘Manhattan’s Hidden Gem’ or something along those lines in the reviews. I would 100% agree! I’ve never been more in-love with my color!…

Sabby P on CitySearch



…At Salon West, I don’t have to worry about that at all. They don’t use bleach, they use a lightener and other lifters. It’s peroxide & ammonia-free. I love how all the products they are are organic and natural. It’s as good for your hair as it can get, which is great for me because my hair is thin, dry, frizzy and easily damaged. Salon West keeps it under control! On top of that, everyone is so nice and I’m delighted to be there…

Sarah A. on Google Places
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